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June 2024 - Waitlist Open

We have made a wonderful decision to breed Alabama with Finley, an exceptional male owned by our friends, the Voznyuk family. Finley boasts a stunning appearance and champion bloodline. He has a large blocky head and is very muscular and lean. He has a beautiful thick coat. His owners affectionately describe him as an old soul. His demeanor is incredibly calm and relaxed, always up for a cuddle session. Whether observing quietly or joining in, he's content to simply be by your side. He's a social butterfly, warmly greeting everyone he meets, and delights in games of fetch. Quick on the uptake, he eagerly embraces new challenges and is a breeze to train. This will be Alabama and Finley's first litter. We are so excited for this pairing. Crossing these pedigrees will give us some soft tempered puppies with an amazing desire to please! This cross will be PERFECT family pets.


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