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We are a small hobby breeder of only Golden Retrievers. You'll find us out and about in Sherwood with our children and our dogs; Alabama and Texaco.  When choosing a breed, we opted for a golden to join our family, drawn to their gentle demeanor and traditional appearance. From commercials to sitcoms, Golden Retrievers are revered as the quintessential suburban family dog. Our puppy, Alabama, exceeded expectations. She was athletic yet presented a calm demeanor, contrary to stereotypes about hyperactive goldens. Alabama wanted to play fetch, solve doggie puzzles, play hide and seek, anything that kept her mind busy. She was a problem solver. Inspired by Alabama, we began breeding goldens after two years of preparation with guidance from our vets and the Golden Retriever community. 
Our first stud, an English Cream Golden Retriever named Winston, fathered nine healthy puppies with Alabama in December 2023. This litter received the best of both worlds, inheriting many of the desirable traits associated with English Cream goldens. Our beloved golden boy Tex came from this pairing. We are expecting a new addition, Duchess, to emerge in 2024 as our second breeding female.
Our goal is to breed for conformation, health, and temperament. Our dogs display affectionate and intelligent behavior as all Golden Retrievers should. All our dogs are fed high quality food including home-cooked meals. Before going to their new homes, puppies have all vaccinations and parasite checks. We are confident in the health of our pups and we back it up with a 1 year health guarantee. Our priority is to make sure our families and puppies are happy in every way. This means that we spend a great amount of time interacting with our puppies to learn their personalities. From the time our pups are born they are exposed to stimulating age-appropriate activities. They are also held by people of all ages and genders. As they get older they are exposed to different noises, other animals, water, different textures and other safe outdoor activities. A well socialized pup is one of the most important things to ensure that they have a happy forever home!

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